It’s about more than an event
or experience…

Combining the creative elements of design, selecting the best global talent, partnering with the finest craftsmanship and incorporating the most luxurious fabrics and materials into everything we do, ensures a refined and bespoke experience.

A global team of expert partners and associates work behind the scenes to conceptualise, design and deliver unique events and experiences. We work in every corner of the world, staying up to date with trends, events and media to ensure each aspect of a client’s request

is carefully addressed.

Agnès Cooke


Each Quintessence event and experience is personally nurtured from concept to completion by Agnès.
No detail is left to chance, no boundary is left unexplored. With an impressive, and trusted, global ‘black book’ of exquisite venues, exclusive hotels and unique settings, you can be assured that every event or experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

Appreciating the finer things in life from a young age, Agnès naturally combines a keen
eye for aesthetics and an avant-garde approach to each of her clients’ requirements.
With an obsessive attention to detail, she consistently pushes the creative boundaries
 to ensure each moment of the event has been carefully thought out.
Her effortlessly chic French style is infused into every element of her work.

Always Exquisite

With more than 20 years’ experience delivering customised international marketing
and communications strategies, Agnès is passionate about ensuring brands epitomise
an organisation’s values, beliefs and expertise.


From her native France and Asia, the Middle East and Australia, Agnès builds strong
relationships with stakeholders across all levels to ensure optimum success for her clients.



A visionary and inspiring leader, Agnès combines the finest products, a client-centric ethic, a solution-focussed approach and a strategic communication style to deliver beyond expectations. Agnès is a trusted partner to create extraordinary experiences whilst never losing sight of the business objective.

Agnès also holds an international coaching certification that enables her to add a subtle coaching dynamic that benefits clients in their partnership with Quintessence.